next generation

Making theatre for young audiences. Sounds great, but what does that actually mean about the work theatre professionals do? Which theatre specifically? How young or young-at-heart is our target audience, and why does that even matter? The works we bring to the stage aim to inspire, delight, challenge, critically examine, entertain and be relevant to us and our audience. That is basically our goal. But the path to the stage is not always smooth and never straight. Who decides what we get to see? Which structures make things (im)possible? Why are they good? What parts should we question?

Since 2009, the "next generation" has been invited to WESTWIND. Each year, our nationwide call for submissions yields around 40 to 50 applications from young professionals and students from areas such as dramaturgy, directing, acting, dance, scenery and costumes, cultural and theatre education, psychology, athletics/physical theatre, new media, film and German studies.

Headed by the author and dramaturge Annalena Küspert, the participants Luzie Barzen, Philip Esch, Leonie Graf, Thilo Grawe, Helena Aljona Kühn, Steffen Meyn, Alina Rohde, Kilian Seeger, Saliha Shagasi and Laura Farina Zielinski constitute this year?s forum. They are the "next generation 2018" and an integral component of WESTWIND as a professional convention. The participants attend all of the performances, take part in the programme of additional events and thus experience WESTWIND as a vibrant platform for discussion with seasoned artists and established theatre professionals. This year, we pose the question: "Who does the stage belong to?" - inquisitively, respectfully and critically.

Direction: Annalena Küspert
Assistance: Hannah Lorenz