audiende jury

guidance audience jury:
Melanie Delvos, Hana Westerboer

Since the end of February, the audience juries have been preparing for their festival task with energy and gusto. They have tried their hands at acting and improvising, engaged in discussions, attempted various artistic formats and visited all of the performances. Gaining their own firsthand experience with artistic approaches to drama, performance art and dance has helped them comprehend what the work of a theatre artist entails and broadened their horizons for anything and everything that may be in store for them during the festival.

Under the direction of COMEDIA Theaters theatre education department, the participants worked together to find a common language for art and theatre and contemplated the following questions: How can we have meaningful discussions about artistic output? Which criteria are most suitable for constructive analysis? The conclusion of WESTWIND 2018 is marked by an awards ceremony where the two audience juries will join the prize jury in presenting their awards, each of which includes 1,000 euro in prize money, sponsored by RheinEnergieStiftung Kultur.

The members of the juries are: Childrens jury: Jesse, Jamila, Julischka, Raphael  and Valentin  Teen jury: Lotta, Luke, David, Havva and Jonah Directors: Melanie Delvos, Hanna Westerboer