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Festival projects by our NRW Young Talents Scholarship Holder

The scholarship posed the task, the ideas came on their own, now the results are on display at the festival.

Philine Conrad, NRW Young Talents Scholarship Holder for Independent Children ´s and Youth Theatre, took this year ´s festival question very seriously: OT GNOLEB DLROW EHT SEOD OHW ? She pursued answers in public spaces, discovered tags of initials used by graffiti artists and realised what it means to stake a claim: IT ´S ME the world belongs to!! And she thought to herself: Yeah, that is exactly how it should be done. But legally.

So prior to the festival she created stencils, bought spray paint, found some accomplices and sprayed the festival slogan throughout the entire southern part of Cologne. Further contemplation inspired her to bring those public spaces to the theatre. Ultimately, a plan was hatched to launch a GRAFFITI FEEDBACK WALL in the foyer and an AUDIO SOUND COLLAGE in the restrooms as projects by Shirin Rebana / Philine Conrad.

Participation requested!